Why Poppers?

Poppers were used as afrodisiacs already one hundred years ago. It allows easier penetration as it loosens smooth muscles and enhances sensitivity and perceptiveness at the same time. This happens due to increased blood circulation within your skin and other organs. In case of an abuse, effects on the central nerve system such as escape from worries, detachment of senses, euphoria, sprightly exhilaration states, etc., often occur.

Vapors of poppers harm organism less then carcinogenic substances (cigarettes), substances with harmful effects on liver (alcohol) or mutagenous substances do.

Although there is a risk of death in case of overdose, there are no permanent after-effects - you just recover and go on. However, overdose may occur in case of simultaneous usage with alcohol, drugs or vessel broadening substances. In case of increased vessel volume and reduced pressure the blood supply to heart is cut off. Naturally, the amount of blood does not increase, resulting in pressure drop and the heart´s incapability to make the blood flow to where it´s missing. A brain without oxygene dies within 5 minutes.

Note: All kinds od poppers including the prohibited iso-butylnitrite are available in our shop. This is the most favorite one. Why?

It has been discovered that both alcohol and poppers increase our appetence. Guinea-pigging persons were given the task of rating faces on photographs. Those of them getting high described twice as more sympathetic faces as did the rest. Gentlemen, offer yourselves to your ladies. Wipe their little foreheads with your handkerchief and to get the best results, warm it in your armpit beforehand.

Why not?

Warning: Since poppers influence your judgement, you should put on your condom before using them.

This is a volatile and explosive substance in open air - refrain from smoking, handling with lit cigarettes and lighting candles on your table while taking it. Never try to drink it - it causes methemoglobinamia with subsequent suffocation. Be careful of your mucous membrane and eyes!

What are the symptoms of overdose?

The broadening of vessels and veins results in blood deficiencies in your upper parts, which is objectively shown in pressure drop with dizziness. The heart obviously reacts by fastening the pace in order to enforce the circulation. If a dose is repeated within a short time, heart arythmia may occur.

Exposure to poppers vapours with excesive concentration may lead to heart chamber fibrillation and demise. Persons with low pressure may suffer temporary fainting.