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iso-propyl nitrite

aroma narcotic heavy aroma intensive odour after acetone delicate "fruit" aroma
power ****** **** ***
popularity quadragenarians prefer it the most popular now limited Girls, young evaluate it positively
boiling point 95-100 °C 78-80 °C 67-69 °C
names of preparations Jungle Juice pure amyl nitrites with a middle chain nitrites with fast effect
excretion ÷ 2 ± 1 minute 3 ± 1 minute 4 ± 2 minutes
creation of met- hemoglobine
20% 15% 16%
Advantages of all three groups are included in the new type: cyklo-hexyl nitrite, strong ***** .

You can choose acc. to the box "Most sold". The ladder shows another order in the sections big, small, English, etc. You can even let displayed the originals and imitations in the box "Composition by the manufacturer". 
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Bottles with false labelling and attractive packing appear frequently on the market. The current printing technologies are advanced and the new products look quite attractively.

On the other hand the well-tried branded products that are sought-after by the buyers due to their quality are still produced in the same appearance to distinguish them from the low-quality ones. Thus unsightly packing = for 95% excellent contents.